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Yael Singer’s studio was established in 1988 and has since become prominent in the world of graphic design in Israel.


Yael Singer’s studio is a boutique studio, specialising in unique design for companies and products and full scale branding services.


One distinguishing characteristic of the studio is understanding and fulfilling the clients’ needs and translating them into visual materials. For new or up and coming companies, emphasis is put on creating a logo which will reflect the company’s core activities and vision. The colours and shapes in the design language used, is then incorporated into the design of the company’s stationary, packaging and other relevant materials.


Packaging design is an integral part of the company’s language whether for new products or refreshing existing products. The new look is designed to entice the customer. We believe that a successful packaging is more than just a wrapping on the shelf. It should attract the attention of the potential customer with its originality, sophistication and fashionable design.


The studio prides itself on the close relationships it builds with it clients, most of which have been with us for many years.

Yael Singer’s studio has won many design prizes in Israel in various fields of branding and design.


We know that the shape of a product whether it is a cream or a bottle, for example, influences the design and should be used in a way that will make the design stand out on a shelf full of competitor’s products. Take, for instance, the series called Tiptipot which was created for the pharmaceutical company CTS Ltd. Tiptipot is a line of medicines specially developed for infants up to 3 years old. The innovative idea behind the design, which won a prize in 2002, was to use plasticene images of animals that young children learn to recognise. The design language used is the children’s language and the presence of the colourful line on the shelf is very strong. Each product in the line has an individual character and a strong colour which differentiates it from the others. The overall feel is of a rainbow on a shelf… This unique and pioneering design brought a whole new language to packaging design for young children, making these products stand out on the OTC shelves of the pharmacy.



The design for other products by CTS is answering the various needs of the products. For the prescription drugs, we created a line with a white background while for the OTC products, the design has a colourful background.


The same design language is then used in the brochures, display stands and stands used in exhibitions.



" A good designer is not only one with talent but is one with great curiosity.

I try to be curios and always keep my eyes open about everything around me and not only in my own field. To watch and learn from fashionable and social phenomenon, from the world of consumerism up to fashion and art in Israel and out. This is what helps my designs stay updated and innovative. My manifest is my professional happiness, fulfilling myself with curiosity, innovation and excitement.

I believe that this is how my designs and branding bring the company the success they were looking for." 

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